Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Classroom Treats & A GIANT mess!

Before I show you the picture of the classroom treats my kids made, I wanted to show you a picture of the one MY friend made:

It turned out to be my favorite! This one came from my friend Michelle. She makes beautiful beaded jewelry. She called me one day and asked if she could borrow a fish stamp to make tags for the treats she was making for her son's class. I said "sure! come on over" and she did. But there was one small problem..... out of the many 1000's of stamps I have, I didn't have one single fish stamp! But then I remembered seeing the ornament punch used to make a fish so I grabbed that off my wall and brought it to her. I didn't have a sample to show her and I had never made one, but for Michelle I knew it wouldn't be a problem. When I handed her the punch she saw the fish right away and turned it sideways! Then she went to town and created the most adorable Valentine tag.... not at all "girly" and just perfect for her son's class! She brought me one of the finished treats and lucky for you I remembered to take a picture of it before my son ate it! In case you're wondering.... it's a chocolate covered Oreo... and YES, she piped on the seaweed and added the edible pearl bubbles! See... I told you she was creative!!!

Now, here is a picture of the Valentines that my kids made:

Their friends came over to work on Valentines too. It never ceases to amaze me how creative kids can get when you let them have the freedom to experiment! All I did was make a sample or two so they could have a little inspiration. I put out different colored cardstock, extra scrapbook paper, scraps of this 'n that, some glitter (gotta have glitter), a few assorted punches, glue, glue dots, tape, scissors, ribbon, pearls, etc. Well, let's be honest here.... I pretty much threw everything but the kitchen sink at those poor kids!!! They barely had enough room to work! Check out this mess:

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Monday, February 14, 2011

LOVE banner

Well, Valentine's day is finally here and it's time to show you what we made at stamp club earlier this month....

It's not the greatest picture, I know, but can you see how incredibly cute it is? I LOVE Valentine's day! Not for the romance or chocolate or even presents! Nope, I love it for it's "Pinkness" (Is that a word?) Well you know what I mean. I love pink. It's the greatest color in the universe! I wouldn't dare post a picture of me right now (I just came from the gym) but even my workout gear has pink in it. It's a t-shirt my husband bought me for Christmas from Victoria's Secret. (a store I love not for the bras and panties... even though they are quite nice... but for the "pinkness" of it!) Anyway, on this particular t-shirt there is a giant heart made of silver sequins! You can see me coming from a mile away! But I digress... back to the Love Banner!

I let the girls choose whatever backround papers they wanted and all sorts of little embellishments were set out so they could play with them and make their banners unique! In these photos you can see the details that finish it off so nicely:

Are you ooohhhing and aawwwwing over that red glitter paper? It's brand new from Stampin Up! I have purchased three packs already! Now only if they made it in pink!!! To get your hands on some, just head over to my Stampin Up website by clicking on the logo in my side bar.

The kids worked on Valentines for their classmates over the weekend. I'll post pictures of what they did tomorrow. Until then, have a "Pinkalicious" day!


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Day!

Today was "Teacher Appreciation Day" at my kids' school and each student was asked to write a note of appreciation to their teacher. Now I don't know about you, but I don't really have a whole lot of teacher themed stamps in my collection. However, I do have this super cute "Kid" themed stamp set that I got from Stampin Up in 1999!!! I have used this set MANY times and I still love it! Here are a few of the cards I made:

Tomorrow I will begin posting the Valentine cards we made at my February stamp club get together. But for now I've got to go and prep about 100 valentines... my kids are out early tomorrow and I promised them they could stamp their classroom valentines as soon as they get home! YIKES! What was I thinking???

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